Welcome to One World Running!

Serving needy runners around the world since 1986

What we do.

Since 1986, One World Running has collected, washed, and sent athletic shoes, along with T-shirts, shorts, medicine, and school supplies to developing countries.

To promote its goal of bringing people closer together through running and promoting a healthy lifestyle, we put on run/walks in these countries in conjunction with the shoe distribution.

Most sports shoes, as well as other athletic equipment, are now collected and sent from around the United States.

A portion of the donated shoes goes to shelters, churches, and Native American reservations in the U.S.

Running Shoes for Recruits.

Military recruits prior to departure to recruit training, are encouraged to begin the process of physical fitness and conditioning months prior to the departure date. However, some of these recruits come from households that lack the financial means to provide basic running shoes that would enable them to start an effective training program. We provide shoes to them free of charge.

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